CNC Taster afternoon course

Courses will only run if we achieve the minimum numbers shown. So if you are available for more than one date, please let us know in an email and we can use this info to fill up the most popular dates.

  • Date: Saturday 23 June
  • Course length: 14:00-17:00
  • Participants: min 3 max 4
  • Price: £50 (£45 for students)
  • Tutor: Kevin Karney
  • Level: Beginner
  • Campus: Llandaff Campus, B Block

The CNC Taster will cover:

  1. Safety
  2. Classroom talk on
    • Difference between 2-D, 2.5-D, 3-D & higher machines
    • Hold down methods
    • Types of tools: bullnose, flat-nose, engraving, uncut, down-cut
    • Base flattening and indexing
    • Types of 2-D cut: Profile, Pocket, Drilling, Engraving. Inside-, Outside-, On-path.
    • Workflow: Graphics prep, Toolpath planning, Toolpath generation and saving, submission to machine, work hold down, tool insertion, zero-ing, cutting
  3. Demonstration of 2 12-D cutting on big machine, to run while course is proceeding
  4. Practical.
    • An Illustrator file will be provided for a front-door name plate (something quite small)
    • students to modify text
    • prepare corner holes to be drilled, text to be engraved, profile to be cut out.
    • save tool paths
    • perform routing.