Wooden electrical-mechanical pendulum clock

  • Date: 10th January 2018, 6.00pm – 10.00pm
  • Course length: 6 weeks, Wednesday evenings
  • Price: £150 (£135.00 for students) not including material costs
  • Tutor: Kevin Karney
  • Level: Beginner
  • Campus: Llandaff Campus, B Block

Basic skills to be learnt : Laser cutting, CNC routing and 3-D printing.

The objective of the course is to introduce particapants to the modern machine skills, while at the same time, producing an interesting working clock - something to be proud of.

Using plans already developed, participants will make a ‘hipp’ operated mechanical-electrical clock. Mechanism of this type (made of metal, not wood!) were used extensively in factories, industry and public spaces to run any number of clocks, all of which had to be in synchronisation. Course participants will be taught how to…

  • laser-cut small fragile item (clock hands and face plus other small items)
  • CNC-route the frame and gear wheels
  • 3-D print the electrical solenoid system that operates the clock

Participants would be expected to do much of the finishing work (e.g. sanding, fitting, polishing) at home.

Course fees would include tuition and machine use, but participants would additionally pay for all materials - wood, plywood, dowel. (cheap if plywood is used, expensive if hardwood is chosen) and for licence fees for the plans. Expected materials costs between £25 - £60. FabLab would source the materials.

The course is suitable for anyone who is relatively handy or who wants to develop their model-making skill. Basic computing skills needed! Adult-supervised teenagers welcome as single participants.

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